Letter of application

A letter of application should accompany your CV and have three short paragraphs answering these questions.

Please find below some example sentences. Your letter is as important as good references as the employer does not have a chance to meet you until you arrive.

Example sentences

"If you look at my CV you'll see I've worked as a shop assistant and so I am used to meeting people of all ages and nationalities."

"When I worked as a waitress in my summer holidays I used to serve up to 30 guests a set menu dinner in the evening."

"During my time at MacDonald's our team won the Cleanest cafe award three times in a row!"

"When I worked as a Customer service representative I won an Employee of the Month award this was for ........."

"I would like to work in the UK, in your hotel. i would like to help you look after the customers in a professional manner at the same time it is my ambition to improve my English."

"Although my English is not very good I am willing to work and to help you all I can. I am a quick learner and willing to be flexible in my work at the same time I wish to improve my English."

"When I worked in America I improved the fluency of my English, which is now described as advanced. hopefully it will make it easy for you to train me in my new job."